What is the future of digital marketing in India?

What is the future of digital marketing in India


This 21st century is technologically advanced in almost every way. The access to internet has enhanced the way through which people use their electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and laptops. 

Furthermore, this enhanced use of electronic devices and technology is opening new opportunities for people and businesses to strengthen their sustainability in the market. Moreover, these new opportunities are ensuring a bright future of digital marketing in India.

India has seen a rapid digital growth in the recent years due to the digital India programme launched by the Government of India. As per the data from “Statista”- Internet users in India has increased to 700 million in 2020 from 400 million in 2015 and is expected to grow by 1000 million till 2025. 

This huge growth among the internet users of India is changing the digital dynamics of market of India. In addition, more and more people are using digital media and platforms for their various purposes ranging from information collection to shopping. Moreover, India has successfully transformed their digital landscape from a medium to a fully developed market.

 This growth also shows that the market of India is expanding at a much faster pace and is expected to change the way through which people and businesses are grasping the opportunities. 

Traditional marketing in Pre-Internet Era

When the internet was not born, advertising activities were basically carried through traditional mediums such as television, billboards, and radio advertisements. 

In pre-internet era, both word of mouth and door to door advertisements played a major role in the marketing activities. But, with the rise of digital marketing, everything changed for the businesses. 

That’s because, people now have access to large number of potential customers for promoting their offerings without even going to places.

Through digital marketing, the people and businesses can target their potential customers in an effective manner so as to enhance their sales and productivity.

Digital marketing in Post-Internet era

People, especially in this decade, are spending more time on internet for streaming, playing games, reading books, paying bills etc. The number of people who are using the internet is growing at a much larger pace. India is expected to outrank China in terms of consumption of internet.

On an average, Indians are spending approx. 1 hour and 29 minutes each day on internet and digital media. In addition, a large number of these Indians are surfing the web through their smart phones.

Furthermore, the cheap data prices and affordable pricing of mobile handsets are enabling the people to fully leverage the power of these digital mediums or digital marketing. Looking over these statistics, people are considering a bright future of digital marketing in India.

Digital marketing landscape in India

The growth in the digital marketing sector of India started after the introduction of Michael Aldrich online shopping system. Soon after this system came into existence, a number of private players started their journey to serve the humankind. Soon, new companies like IndiaMART started their B2B operations in India which popularized the digital marketing concept. 

When e-commerce players like Flipkart and Amazon started their business operations in India, rise in the sales of mobile phones, online shopping, internet marketing took place. This rise was the main reason behind the digital marketing sector boost.

With the rise of social media platforms, digital marketing in India started to grow at a much optimum pace. Over the years, digital marketing allowed both small and medium sized businesses to flourish by developing a global network through which business can operate internationally.

Why Digital marketing?

On the internet, a large number of audience browse through different websites in order to get their desired things. It’s not essential that every person who visits your website will purchase from you. It’s possible that the audience is looking for something which is not offered by your business. 

This issue is somewhere giving nightmares to the business owners as their products and services are not reaching to the potential and relevant audience.

In such cases, it is digital marketing which can ensure that your offerings are reaching to the right audience. Big data ensured that these businesses can target their potential customers based on the past trends and analysis of user behaviour. In addition, the social media channels and search engines are regularly updating their algorithms in order to ensure that your business offerings are reaching to relevant audiences for more sales.

Furthermore, ROI can be easily calculated using the digital marketing strategies instead of traditional marketing. Small as well as big companies are utilizing the digital marketing to obtain better output with comparatively less input and costs. 

Future Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing advertisement technique through which businesses are interacting with their customers effectively. 

Even, few years back, when people talked about AI, Big data, Machine learning etc. they were considered as crazy. But in this century, we all are aware how these AI, Big data, Machine learning etc. are changing the market dynamics and global business industry. 

Businesses are now integrating AI and Machine learning to automate their business processes. Furthermore, the AI is also helpful in narrowing down the digital audiences so as to serve them in a more sophisticated manner. 

Voice search and AI enabled devices are changing the ways through which people used to surf the web.  By optimizing your content for voice searches and AI enabled devices, the businesses and digital marketers can grasp new and better opportunities for their business sustainability.

Apart from these, there are several other digital marketing trends such as Browser push notifications, AB Testing, interactive content, etc. for a business growth. Digital marketers and businesses, both are looking for new ways to target their audiences appropriately which is another main factor behind the bright future of digital marketing in India. 

Future Growth of Digital Marketing in India

The estimated number of people using internet in 2025 will be around 1000 million. In addition, a report from Globaldata states that “due to the recent covid-19 lockdowns, the Indian e-commerce market is expected to rise to 7 trillion”.

As per a recent report by Goldman Sachs, the Indian digital marketing sector is estimated at $160B by the year 2025 which is three times higher than the current value in 2020. 

Furthermore, experts are estimating that the digital marketing sector is expected to employ more 2 million people till 2025.

India has also seen a sharp increase in the internet population since the introduction of Digital India Programme by the Government of India. From 69 million users in 2016 to 100 million in 2017, digital marketing sector of India is growing rapidly due to the support by government. 

The Digital India program was initially launched by the government to enhance the online infrastructure as well as to empower the businesses and start-ups. Due to the Digital India campaign, a large number of start-ups and businesses expanded their services and functions for catering the digital needs of the people on internet. 

The future is here

The huge growth in the digital marketing sector of India is proof that the future of digital marketing is bright in India. This is not going to fall down anytime soon rather it has the potential to grow more. 

Business and digital marketers can leverage the digital marketing at it’s fullest by developing and implementing appropriate strategies and practices so that higher competitive edge can be achieved for expanding the business and its functions. 

Businesses and digital marketers can utilize the power of AI, chatbots, content marketing for moving ahead in this digital industry. Furthermore, it becomes highly essential for the businesses to stay updated with the latest trends and strategies for getting improved results.


Digital marketing sector is very dynamic in nature due to which changes and updates in search algorithms are very frequent. In addition, these changes in algorithms can highly impact your business productivity if not considered in the strategy development. So, digital marketers both as an individual and as a business employee needs to embrace the use of latest technologies and tools for staying ahead of the competition.  

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