SEO strategies for small businesses in India

SEO strategies for small businesses in India

SEO strategies for small businesses in India

With the rise of internet and digital marketing, a large number of businesses are going online for scaling their business. Generally, these small businesses with an aim to enhance their sales and revenue develops their website and other business handles. However, Online world is full of intense competition which can hinders the growth of the small businesses. As a result, these small businesses need to have effective and efficient marketing strategy for attracting organic traffic towards their website and other business handles. In addition, Search Engine Optimization has emerged as an interesting and attractive digital marketing strategy for small businesses in this digital world. Through SEO, small businesses can attract organic traffic and visitors on their websites for more sales and profit. Also effective SEO strategies should be chosen by the small businesses in India for enhancing their market share.

Search engine optimization is the process of generating more organic traffic on the websites and other digital handles of businesses. SEO target unpaid traffic for enhancing the traffic on business pages. SEO strategies comes in different types as per the requirement of the businesses. Small businesses can either hire their own SEO analysts or they can hire a SEO company in Jaipur for obtaining improved results. Some of the most widely used SEO strategies for small businesses in India are as follows:

On-Page SEO

On page SEO is an integral part of SEO which deals with the optimization of content of web pages for search engine results and visitors. On-Page SEO activities generally involve optimization of title tags, content, internal links and URLs. Web pages that contain relevant keywords and content that of the search box will be displayed on priority basis. On-Page SEO ensure that relevant keywords are used in the content of website for attracting new and potential visitors. Moreover, Google also display the webpages in the search results when the headings and body contained the same text that of the search query.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is another essential aspect of Search Engine Optimization. It deals with all the activities one can do for enhancing the business ranking on search engines results. Most of the people relate Off page SEO with link building activities however, Off-Page SEO goes beyond that. Some of the activities which are not directly associated with link building can highly impact the off page optimization. On page optimization is done on website wherever Off-page SEO is performed outside of website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO as the name suggest deals with the technical aspect of website. It is very useful for the small businesses in optimization of their websites for the crawling and indexing in the search engines. Technical SEO is beneficial for small businesses in accessing, crawling, interpreting and indexing their websites in search engine results without any problems. Moreover, its main objective is to optimize the infrastructure of the website for improved ranking rather than focusing on content and promotion of the website. Some of the activities of Technical SEO are Optimization of Robots.txt, Optimization of URL Structure, Navigation and Site Structure, Breadcrumb Menus, Canonical URLs, Optimize 404 Page, and many more.

Local SEO

Local SEO as the name suggests is the method of attracting new visitors from local searches towards the business listings. These local searches take place on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Generally, most of the people use google either for their personal purposes or for looking local businesses. Local SEO is useful in enhancing the visibility of the local business listing on search engines results. It also includes managing reviews, online ratings, social media engagement etc. through which more visitors can be attracted towards the offerings of business.

E-Commerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is another beneficial SEO type for businesses. They can promote their products and services in the search engine results. E-commerce SEO allows the small businesses to attract new customers towards their existing offerings. In order to ensure the effectiveness of E-commerce SEO, businesses need to target relevant keywords for their products. Through this, they can attract more prospective customers towards their products. Moreover, the business owners should choose right URL for their products in order to reduce the keyword stuffing and spamming.

Content SEO

As the name suggests, Content SEO is focused on optimizing the content for the SEO activities. Content SEO is useful for the small businesses in developing relevant and attractive content through which high ranking of business can be obtained on search engine results. In addition, it is also beneficial in developing and structuring the content as per business needs on their websites. Three major elements of content SEO for ensuring success are keyword strategy, site structure and copywriting. Moreover, google crawls and index a website based on the content. As a result, it is highly essential for the businesses to develop relevant and genuine content for their SEO. Small businesses can either hire their own content writer or they can contact a good content writing company in Jaipur which specializes in developing SEO friendly content.


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