SEO Process Steps in the Digital Marketing of a New Website

SEO Process Steps in the Digital Marketing of a New Website

SEO Process Steps in the Digital Marketing of a New Website

A website is considered as the front face of any business which is functioning on online platforms. Without a website, people may find it difficult to interact with your business and services. Almost, every successful online business has their own website through which they are serving their customers and clients. 

Website development is very easy in this digital age. Gone are the days when people needed to have experience in coding languages for their website development. Now days, people can start developing their website with the freely available online tools, such as Word press, Wix, Jumla etc.

 In addition, a large number of web development companies are active in Indian Start-up space for the website development process. These website development companies design and develop your website keeping in mind of all your problems. 

Let’s say, some website development company developed a website for your business. 

Ever wondered what to do after developing your website?

It’s not that easy.

Website optimization or SEO is an essential component of any website if you are willing to achieve good results. Without proper SEO or website optimization, your website will not rank in the search results which ultimately increase your efforts and costs on your advertising and marketing.

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So, here we will discuss the SEO process steps in the digital marketing of a new website so as to enhance the traffic and output from the advertising or SEO activities.

Following are the SEO process steps in the digital marketing of a new website:

Business Research

Business research refers to the process of identifying and acquiring detailed information regarding a business and its different functions. This information is then analysed for improving the existing process and strategies to drive growth and sales. Also, one can say that it is acquisition of information for determining the threats and opportunities lying in the journey of the business.

It is the first step in starting your venture. Business research assists the entrepreneurs in determining the factors which can directly or indirectly impact the organization. With proper business research, you can determine following things:

  • Your targeted customers and demographics,
  • Problems you can solve with your services,
  • Nature of your business and services,
  • Helps to identify opportunities and threats,
  • Better communication among the stakeholders,
  • It facilitates strategic planning,
  • Minimising ROI on the activities to be conducted.

If you are not aware of doing business research, then there are various organizations in Indian space which are dealing in the business research services. Also, for conducting business research, you must have a clear goal and understanding of your organization and the sector in which you are operating your business.

Keyword Research

This is another major SEO Process Steps in the Digital Marketing of a New Website. Keyword research is the process of determining suitable keywords which are searched by your targeted audience. 

Furthermore, you can determine the number of people who are searching for your products and services with this keyword research. You can also identify the relevant keywords which are not targeted yet. 

Long tail keywords are very useful in targeting the specific people as per your expectations. Moreover, you can also determine the type of competition exists on your desired keywords.

Google ads is a widely known keyword research tool which is used by a large number of business people and marketers. Attached below is a screenshot of Google keyword research tool.

SEO Analysis

This step is done for knowing the errors of a website from a SEO point of view. The website analysis will let you know the areas and errors which are impacting your rankings and visibility on the search engines. After determining these errors, you can work on these for boosting your SEO. 

Following is a screenshot from SEOquake analysis of Digiroads. SEOquake is a SEO analysis tool used for determining the on-page and technical SEO errors.

SEOquake is a freely available tool for determining your site errors. You can determine the errors from here and then work on resolving them. If you don’t have much background knowledge of SEO, it’s okay.

You can only focus on eliminating the factors which impacts the most. 

Some of major SEO factors which must be optimized are as follows:

  • Robots.txt file setup,
  • XML site map implementation,
  • Meta title
  • Google analytics installation,
  • Meta description, 
  • Meta headings,
  • Fevicon etc.

Always remember, On-page SEO and Technical SEO must be done in order to allow Google to crawl your website. If these are not done, then your website can take much longer time in getting crawled which will simultaneously impacts the rankings as well.

Increase Your Traffic and Engagement

Engagement is also a crucial step in the digital marketing of a new website. Without the engagement, users will come to your website and then they will go for another. In addition, bounce rate and web traffic are the core factors of Google page rank algorithms.

Furthermore, digital marketing is all about improving your digital reach and engagement. Engaging with your targeted audience increases your branding and web traffic due to which your rankings also improve with it. 

Off page SEO activities are very important in increasing the digital reach and branding. However, off page SEO activities brings best results when on page and technical SEO is done. If your on-page and technical SEO are not completed then you should first focus on these.

Several off page activities for enhancing your traffic and engagement are as follows:

  • Content marketing
  • Profile creation
  • Social bookmarking 
  • Blog posting
  • Guest posting
  • Web 2.0 website creation
Continuous Competitor Analysis

Another major step of SEO process steps in the digital marketing of a new website is competitor analysis. Competitor analysis is a process through which a business can determine the performance, services, upgrades and latest trends used by the competitors to gain an upper edge in the market.

It is one of the most prominent marketing and strategic assessment to determine the services, sales, marketing strategies etc. of the competitors. However, before doing competitor analysis, you must have a clear understanding of your business processes and of your competitor active in your industry.

A competitor analysis is helpful for a new website in following ways:

  • Understanding the market,
  • Better targeting of customers,
  • Forecasting of market potential,
  • Product and service tracking of competitors,
  • Prices of products and services of the competitor, 
  • Customer acquisition

Competitive analysis is used by almost all the major organizations for determining the opportunities in the market, for staying ahead of the competition, for identifying what the competitors are doing etc. Also there are several business models and used by these organizations such as PESTLE, BCG Metrix, Ansoff matrix etc. for the competitive analysis.


These SEO process steps in the digital marketing of a new website are very crucial. These process steps are developed and tested by our experts. However, If you are not getting good results by using these steps, chances are that you are lacking somewhere. So, consult with our experts to determine what went wrong.

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