How much digital marketing services costs in India?


How much digital marketing services costs in India?

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India is a land full of talent pool and opportunities. In the recent years, competition among the businesses has been increased a lot. Due to this intense competition, it becomes highly essential for the both small and big businesses to invest in digital marketing. However, the first question that arises in their mind is “How much digital marketing services costs in India?”. 

So, Here in this article, we’ll talk about “How much digital marketing services costs in India?”.

Digital marketing services comes in different types varies from SEO, PPC to website design, development. These different types come with different price range as per their type of activities and projects. 

But before taking a look at the prices, you should know why to use digital marketing. 

Why digital marketing?

When it comes to ensure the success of a business, digital marketing comes into play. Digital marketing as the name suggests is a new form of advertising in the recent decade. Almost all the successful brands are using digital marketing for their different purposes. Some of the major factors for choosing digital marketing are as follows:

Customer engagement and satisfaction

This factor is often considered as the backbone of any successful business. Customers are the king and it is the responsibility of a business to treat them one. 

Without a loyal and satisfied customer base, businesses can cease to exist. In addition, it is the prime responsibility of a business to satisfy their customers in order to achieve sustainability in the market.

Digital marketing allows the businesses and their stakeholders to interact and engage with their audience in a more sophisticated manner. For example – through social media, businesses can engage with their potential customers to know their interests and feedbacks for serving them better. Moreover, this engagement leaves a positive image of the business among the customers which will definitely strengthen their satisfaction level.


Branding is very essential for a business in this highly competitive market of India. Without branding, businesses cannot reach their potential audience which will negatively impact the brand at some point of time. In addition, branding allows the businesses to reach to new and potential stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors etc. 

Furthermore, businesses who invest wisely in branding tend to grow rapidly than their competitors. Both small and big businesses can reach to a wide range of targeted audience through branding if done properly.

Lead Generation

This is another major factor of digital marketing which brings clients or customers to the businesses. With the help of digital marketing, businesses can generate more and more traffic on their websites which enhances the chances of sales of products and services of the business. 

Lead generation is beneficial for a business in impacting the interest of consumers towards the business offerings.  Furthermore, these leads can be used for developing a mailing list, generating sales leads, etc.

Digital Marketing Services Packages

Digital marketing packages usually starts from 20k in India for small businesses. The digital marketing packages in India are developed keeping in mind of the activities and strategies to be adopted for the success of the business. The prices of these packages vary with services like SEO, PPC, SOCIAL MEDIA, E-Mail marketing etc. 

Some of the widely used digital marketing services in India are mentioned below along with their packages:


SEO or Search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing. It is widely used by the small as well as big businesses for ranking their website higher in the search engine results.

The pricing package of SEO varies with the keywords targeted. 

Basic package for SEO services in India starts from around 20k per month. This can also goes beyond 1,00,000 based on the number of keywords targeted by the businesses. In addition, digital marketing is an ever growing process due to which prices keeps on changing. 

At Digiroads, we understand the budget constraints faced by the businesses. As a result, our experts have developed some of the best in class pricing package for SEO services in India. These packages are as follows. 

PackagePrice in INRNo. of keywords

Our SEO services include:

  • Website Audit & Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Rank Monitoring & Reporting
  • Competitor Audit
  • Link Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Website Design Improvement
  • Link Building Services
  • Off-page, On-page and technical SEO

However, getting help from the best SEO company in Jaipur will enhance your digital marketing efforts along with reduction in budget. Consult Digiroads for achieving better output from our digital marketing resources.


With the rise in social media channels and search engines, people are now diverting their attention to the PPC marketing.

PPC marketing allows the businesses to rank their business on the targeted keywords by paying on per click basis.

It has emerged as an advanced advertising technique for getting better results in a short span of time.

The ads are displayed on the search engines which then redirect the customers on website of the business. In addition, PPC marketing is useful in creating sales campaigns for a particular period of time. 

If you are looking to setup an effective and perfect PPC campaign, please read our article on-“How to setup an effective and perfect PPC campaign for your business?”.

Moreover, our PPC experts are efficient in serving our clients as per their requirements. Upon heavy research, we have developed some of the best in class PPC marketing packages for both small and medium sized business. These packages are developed keeping in mind of the budget and time constraints for getting better output.

These PPC packages are as follows:

PackagePrice in INRNo. of campaign

Social Media Marketing

Social media has been emerged as an important tool for driving sales, leads, customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Businesses in this era can openly and easily connect with their existing and potential customers. This interaction is beneficial in determining the behaviour, interest and habits of the customers.

In addition, businesses can take the feedbacks and reviews from customers regarding their offerings so as to improve the business products and services.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. are used by a large number of people. This is another good reason why businesses should opt for social media marketing.

The best in class social media packages in India are as follows:

PackagePrice in INRNo. of platforms

Our social media marketing services include:

  • Account creation and management,
  • Channel specific social media services,
  • Content and graphics development,
  • Strategy Planning,
  • Research and analysis,
  • Monthly insights report.

Website Design and Development

Website is the face of a business in the virtual world. Without a website, digital marketing does not give the required or expected results.

In order to get improved results from digital marketing, businesses needs to have an optimized website. 

Factors like page loading time, UI/UX, content etc. can heavily impact your digital marketing efforts. In order to eliminate such factors, businesses should connect with the best website design and development company. 

Website design and development packages in India are determined based on the type of website, its pages, specifications and UI/UX.

Most affordable package for your website design and development are prepared by our skilled experts. These packages are as follows:

PackagePrice in INRType of Website

Factors which impact the digital marketing services costs in India

There are different factors which impact the prices of digital marketing services in India. These factors must be necessarily identified by the businesses so as to achieve better results. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Target audience,
  • Location,
  • Type of business,
  • Business stage,
  • Landing page,
  • Keyword competition
  • Type of offerings,

Why to choose the right digital marketing company?

Upon reading the above information, it is visible that there are several factors which can impact the prices of digital marketing in both positive and negative manner. Therefore, before selecting a digital marketing agency, businesses should determine their unique selling points (USPs).

Determining the USP of agencies is essential in determining the impact there are making on your business through their services.

Digiroads is a best digital marketing company in Bangalore,Jaipur,New Delhi. We are solely focused on the digital marketing and advertising of our clients. We have Google certified digital marketing experts having experience of more than 8 years in digital marketing and branding itself.

Our teams are dedicated to serve your business functions without putting a pressure on your budget or bank account. We provide time efficient advertising and branding services for delivering best in class services to you.

Get a free digital marketing consultation from Digiroads regarding your digital marketing and advertising services. 

We are happy to help you in this tough time.


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